Buy Sold Out Items!


*Items under this category take 2 WEEKS for delivery.

Our business model is the art of progression. Once we design a product and that product sells out, we no longer produce that product. Instead, we create a totally different product because we believe in creating forward! However, due to the high demands and inquiries of our older products that we no longer produce, we've created this new program, BSOI (Buy Sold Out Items). With this program we are allowing customers to purchase products that we no longer produce in mass. Please note the following:

• ONLY FOR THESE PRODUCTS - Delivery time is 2-WEEKS. We will not be mass producing these products. Therefore, these products WILL NOT be available on-demand like the products we currently have in stock ready to be delivered same day or via USPS. We will ONLY make these products "individually" once they are ordered.
• 2-WEEKS allows us to order the neccessary components and also allows us time to create the product. *Keep in mind that we are a very small company and reproducing old products (while also focusing on creating new products) takes time.*
• Once product is finished and ready for delivery, product will be delivered via a ŪTH THE BRAND driver rather than USPS. If we ship the product via USPS, that will add 1-3 days for shipping on top of the 2-WEEKS we need to produce the product. Therefore, to cut out the extra waiting days due to shipping, we will personally deliver the product (ONLY LOCALLY within the DMV) once it's finished. *FOR FREE DELIVERY, CHOOSE SAME DAY LOCAL DELIVERY. IF YOU CHOOSE USPS YOU WILL BE CHARGED $8.00 FOR SHIPPING*
• Once product is finished, customer will be alerted via EMAIL and PHONE to notify them that delivery is ready and to setup a feasible delivery time and date.
• There's a reproduction fee that's ALREADY FIGURED into the prices below. This fee is applied because producing older products pulls us away from the [current] work that we have in process. Also, producing older products requires us to utilize more materials.