A D V E R T I S E with L E E R H X!



LEERHX is a Washington, DC music app with a core function of allowing any and every local DMV artist a chance to reach the ears of many with their talent.

Music is an extremely desired commodity in the U.S.. With our app solely focusing on the metropolitan area of DC (DMV: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) this means that our audience fits perfectly with any local business that is also regionally located within this radius and that are, too, looking to lure in new customers to their business entity.

There's an estimated 700,000 residents in DC alone, and once you expand that reach to the entire metropolitan area that number increases to an estimated 6 million+ consumers. So, if you combine a hot commodity (music) with a very large targeted audience (DMV), the results of that equals a very high potential of acquiring new customers!

Here's the structure of how our advertising campaigns run:

• Your ad will occur in an algorithmic manner in between/after a select amount of songs streamed;

• The duration of each digital flyer ad will be 15 seconds uninterrupted (listeners CANNOT skip the ad) and the flyer will display multiple times per day for 7 days. After the 7 days of being displayed on our music app, your ad then moves over to our clothing site ( for an additional  7 days. After this 14 day span, your ad is then retired unless you contact us to reactivate/continue running your ad.

If you're ready to start an ad with LEERHX, just fill out the form below!
We are looking forward to helping you grow your business along with LEERHX!