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LEERHX (pronounced: lyrics) is a Washington, DC music application owned by ŪTH THE BRAND. ŪTH THE BRAND is a Washington, DC clothing company. ŪTH THE BRAND created LEERHX to give a voice to the unheard artist. Our city has a plethora of musical talent that goes unheard everyday because platforms like ours do not exist. On other platforms, if an artist is not already incredibly popular, it’s rare that they will be heard. But popularity is not always based on talent; and talent is not always based on popularity. A person can have 0 followers and 0 likes and still be as nice as Jay-Z. A person with 0 followers could maybe out-rhyme or out-shine someone with a massive following if only they were heard. So, on LEERHX, our goal is to disallow the world to pass up on potential talent just because they may not have the conventional benchmarks of followers and likes. Not on LEERHX.


On LEERHX, everyone gets a chance to be heard. A person who just dropped their first track will play right alongside an artist that is currently hot. Who knows... that artist with his or her first single might be hotter! The only way to find out is to allow everyone to be heard equally.

Putting your music on our app is just simply another way for you to be heard and to help you build more *artist recognition* throughout the DMV. It's just like uploading your music to YouTube or Soundcloud, but it's slightly different. Those sites don't AUTOMATICALLY stream your music. On those platforms, your songs won't be heard unless someone clicks on them or unless you pay for advertisement. Not on our app. On our app, your songs will play all day, along with other DMV artists. However, just like those sites (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.), putting your music on our app DOES NOT mean that you're giving us the *rights* to your music. Your music is your music, and you own your music 100%. This app is merely a radio-like platform for up-and-coming artists to be heard.

How does it work? Once an artist successfully submits a track to us, that track automatically enters within our non-stop music rotation upon approval. It’s sort of like Pandora – songs just keep playing and playing. Your song will consistently play every time it comes back around in rotation. If people like your music, they will have the option of searching for only you and listening to you if that’s what they desire. However, that will be the personal decision of the listener. On our behalf, we’re here to make sure that your song is always spinning in rotation within the general stream. LEERHX is only an exposure application. We just give you the platform to build some free exposure. Good luck with your success!


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