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We're on a mission!

By purchasing our FUND A DREAM CARD, you're helping us reach our goal of turning our e-commerce clothing business into a 🚚 store on wheels! Upon purchase, we have a gift for you!

*Further down you can see a synopsis of our plans for the truck*


*GIFT* - 3.5 grams of White Train Cannabis (sativa dominant hybrid) THC: 18-20%

• This *GIFT* is in accordance with DC law under Initiative 71. This product is NOT for sale! This product is ONLY offered as a *GIFT* when the customer purchases our FUND A DREAM CARD.

MUST SELECT "SAME-DAY LOCAL DELIVERY" for this offer to be applicable. *GIFT* will NOT be mailed via USPS if you choose the "1-3 business days" delivery option.

• Fund A Dream Card will be delivered within an hour of the customers order (with some exceptions).

• We will not deliver FUND A DREAM CARD after 6pm EST.

⚠️ Please DO NOT add this *GIFT* to your cart if you live outside of Washington, DC. We will NOT deliver this *GIFT* outside of Washington, DC. It is illegal to *gift* this product to persons in other states and jurisdictions that do not have legal marijuana laws.

⚠️ If *GIFT* is added to cart and the address provided is outside of Washington, DC, customer will NOT receive *GIFT*


Below is a synopsis of what your purchase of the Fund A Dream Card will help us achieve:


Our dream is to get a ŪTH THE BRAND TRUCK that we can drive all around the city doing face-to-face curbside retail and home deliveries!

Here are the basics:

• First, we want to purchase a step van/truck.
• We want to install a safe and secure dressing room in the back of the truck so that customers can try on our products in real time.
• We want to put a large monitor on the side of the truck displaying digital advertisements!
• We want to also have a safe, COVID-19 proof, service window with a self-serving POS device ... AND MUCH MORE!

Currently, we just be an e-commerce business... but we have dreams of taking our business to the streets in an unconventional way: A MOBILE BRICK AND MORTAR.

Thanks for your support!